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San Francisco’s first green bike box painted, Mayor Newsom promises more to come

Example of a green bike box in Portland (photo by itdp on Flickr)

I can’t wait to get back to San Francisco tomorrow, among many other things, to finally check out the green bike box at Oak and Scott streets painted on Dec. 3. Though activists and officials were celebrating this step for bicycle advocacy a neighbor who commented on the SF Bay Guardian’s website, is not so sure about the impact it’s made on safety.

smushmoth on Wednesday, December 9, 2009 at 10:00 AM
About that newly painted Bike Box on Scott at Oak, which has existed, but has been unpainted for more than two years, and happens to be one block from my house. Some things haven’t changed with the paint. As I rode my north on Scott this morning, the guy in front of me decided that the crosswalk was a much nicer place for him to wait for the light. As far as I can tell the bike box makes no difference. Cyclists will claim cars are always stopping over the line, and they do more often than they should, however cars are over the line much less often than you will find cyclists in that crosswalk, forcing pedestrians into Oak Street. Hey riders, try stopping where you are supposed to, before you hit the crosswalk.
A look at what Portland does with their green bike box and what it means for San Francisco and other cities.

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