Office supplies revolt

evilstaplerWho am I kidding? Definitely not myself. I have not been writing lately, namely due to several layers of stress (student loans, work, doctor visits, graduate school applications) which unduly result in more stress and this fabricated cloud of pressure I’ve created to write frequently. Afterall, I am a journalist, right? Or in this case, write? Which, again, I need to do more of–especially in those moments of stress when I think about 100 things and then try to connect them in a meaningful, cohesive manner. So okay, I will return to being adamant about writing on my experiences, as a means for sharing my world and connecting to others in the Bay Area, back home and Chicago and wherever else loved ones may roam.

Well, here it goes. I’m at work right now trying to catch up on data entry like a good case worker. In my attempt to organize paperwork, I reach for my stapler to find it jammed behind repair (two coworkers were practically on their hands and knees sweating (and crying) while trying to pry it open). And now my tape dispenser just broke apart as I was creating a make-shift staple solution to paperwork, still unstapled. And my copy machine? Of course the paper won’t feed through. Have my office supplies gone on strike? Or am I just whining or looking for a distraction? I fare on the side of my office supplies planning a coup d’etat. It’s been a long week of job fairs, job club class, orientation, and new clients and I need a little comedic relief in the form of inanimate objects.


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