“Seems it never rains in California…

…But girl don’t they warn ya, it pours, man it pours.” Some words from Hammond Albert and comments from Twitters embody this rainy, fall morning in Northern California:

  • showbizzy: Chance of Rain = Worst Potential October Storm in 75 years in California Weather hype. Oh no, how will we survive!
  • mjustsayin: it does rain in california!!! 🙂
  •   jtippins: Sweet south Georgia rain all the way in Northern California

  • HdR2010: Lovely stormy morning here in California. Kudos to all the folks who have been working crazy hours to bring in many grapes before this rain
  •  sacareahomes: High Winds And Rain Pound Northern California.http://cbs13.com/local/norcal.storm.hits.2.1241661.html
  • Elizabeths6: My dog does not like the rain. She hid under the trampoline this morning when I took her out. She a California girl.
  •  convivius: It’s not supposed to rain in California! 🙂
  • ambreiling: yes California drivers, it’s called rain, it falls from the sky around this time of year
  • twatson: Feels like home. I’m definitely enjoying the rain since it’s more of a novelty here in California.
  • GorgeousBorges3: my fellow california drivers: It is just rain, you can still drive without riding the breaks!!!!!

  • cynthiawebster: Puddles…tree branches in the road…and the smell of fresh rain. It’s a rainy mess in Northern California right now, and I love it!
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