New audio interview with squatter

Frustration over the angst of interviewing people who I can’t just “call up” sank in temporarily. Mike, one of the squatters, never showed up at the cafe we had planned to meet at days before. I brought some reading material as I waited, half-expected the circumstance.

I’ve been in contact with ChiTown Daily News in hopes they may pick up this project I have been feverishly working on. With some free weeks in between graduating from college and moving to San Francisco, I made it my goal to continue working on this video. The only thing is, both squatters, Mike and Antonio, have been harder than ever to reach. So, as a young, eager journalist with not a whole lot to lose, I waited for a few days outside of soup kitchens, homeless shelters and church doorstops. My patience paid me with a visit from Antonio outside the St. Vincent DePaul church Thursday morning. There, he caught me up on a debacle he had gotten into with his girlfriend, his nights sleeping out on the lakefront and the possibility of moving back to New Orleans with the police on his tail feather (he says he has been accussed of a theft that he knows nothing about).

The video below is an updated version with better audio quality. I am hoping that ChiTown Daily News picks this up. It’s a timely and pertinent story that needs to be heard.


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