No signs of squatters

Since my first post on squatters in relationship with the foreclosures of the Lincoln Park/Bucktown area, I’ve had 4 oppotunities to follow Mike and Antonio as they jump from one vacant building to another. Here is the video I’ve made of those interviews thus far:

I’ve been in contact with ChiTown Daily News to publish this video on their website, the problem is the sound though. When I made the video above, I used the HD video feature on my Nikon D90. However it’s built in mic made it hard to hear my subjects and there was no option for an av input. So now I’ve invested in a high-quality portable mic (Handy Recorder H2) that records the ambience of the scene and has the capability of hooking in an external mic, like a lavalier. Prepared with my equipment this morning, Mike and I had made previous arrangements to meet at a cafe so I could get some better sound clips to sync to some previously recorded B-roll. He was a no show. I waited outside of the St. Vicnent DePaul soup kitchen in hopes I would see him or Antonio there. Nothing. I’ll try again tomorrow, but I’m running out of time. In two weeks I’ll be in Montreal, then moving to San Francisco for a one year volunteer program.


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