Ode to open, public spaces in the City


Spending an enjoyable weekend outdoors, from gardening, biking, guitar playing to good ol’ conversing with friends is reminder of how important safe, clean and abundant public spaces are in the city.


I visited my garden and saw Dominque, my plot neighbor (pictured below), for the first time since September. I felt nostalgia creep in as we caught up with one another and then began to share our ever-so-exciting plans for our gardens this year. I could insert here how geeky our conversation got, but instead I’ll end with words from a fellow gardener last year.

We come from the earth, we return to the earth, and in between we garden. -Anonymous


Later in the afternoon, I had to stop by one of West Town/Wicker Park’s oldest bakeries–The Alliance Bakery (1736 W. Division). Although it’s passed through different owners in the last year, the bakery has held on to it’s Polish roots since the the early 1900s (date not exact, but definetely before 1920). A new addition to the bakery this year included a large lounge area in the next door building. It’s a quiet and comfy environment to bring your laptop and work while enjoying a yummy pastry with a cup of coffee. However, the warm sunshine and cool breeze from the lake made it a perfect day to enjoy Alliance’s outdoor patio (picutured below).



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