An old gardening friend

dsc_0985Since activity at Frankie Machine garden has been slow, I decided to check out City Farm. If you haven’t already heard of this farm which sits at the corner of the busy intersection of Division and Clyborn, strattling the Cabrini-Green and Gold Coast neighborhood, then I would recommend checking it out in the next several months as fresh (and cheap) vegetables start to be harvested and sold to happy eaters (and four star  restuarants). I was hoping to chat with some volunteers working there, as I know a lot of them also have garden plots elsewhere in the city, but no luck. On a warm, sunny mid-afternoon, no one was to be found.


With it being a beautiful Spring day in Chicago, I decided to ride my bike West on Division towards my garden anyway. On the way I stopped at the plaza on Divsion and Ashland to shoot some photos of people enjoying the day by the fountain. To my surprise, Fortino, my gardening friend who I haven’t seen since last September, was one of those people. We spent the next hour dsc_1014catching up (with my attempt at Spanish, and his broken English), occasionally interupted by the passing buses. This will be his 21st year gardening at Frankie Machine.

On Wednesday, I will be talking to Doug, the garden coordinator at the Wicker Park ornamental garden–a 12,000 sq.ft piece of green. He and the garden have seen a lot of changes in the neighborhood in the last decade. Till then…


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