A Kibbutz experience in Israel

While  in Israel, I was introduced to a collective communal experience in Israel called a Kibbutz.

The heart of Jerusalem

The heart of Jerusalem

Traditionally, Kibbutzes were based agriculture with ties to socialism and Zionism. Back before Israel became a state in 1948, the Kibbutzes served as utopian driven movement formed by Aliyah immigrants to not only create a Jewish homeland, which at the time was Palestine, but to create a new type of society where all would be equal and free from exploition. Without considering the possibility of conflict between Jews and Arabs over the now contested land, Kibbutzes moved forth towards principals of equality and communal life amongst Jews and for political motivations towards state recognition of statehood. Nowadays, many Kibbutzes have strayed from some of their communist principles to keep up with Israel’s modern and rapidly moving economy.

The Israeli sound producer/editor that traveled with us in Israel (yikes, I’m blanking on his name) was raised on Kibbutz and was opening in sharing his experiences. Growing up in safe, trusting environment was a positive memory that he hopes to provide his future children. His Kibbutz, like many others, are still located on a large piece of land with anywhere from 5 to 100 famalies. Tasks, from farming and cleaning are shared and community events, like meals are emphasized.  Kibbutzes for the most part today are a traditional way of living for about 5% of Israelis that make practical economic sense, while providing a communal backdrop to raise families.


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