Back, and bouncing back, from D.C.

I am relieved to back from D.C. The inauguration was phenomenal as I was able to sit in the ticketed orange section with a mere 250 feet separting me from the stage. The experience left me feeling so drained, testing my physical endurance and stealing any good sleep. For four days, I had to put aside all other priorities to stay focused on reporting for the SunTimes blog. However, this put a damper on my community, especially RJ, who I completely forgot to mention that I would be gone on our night to cook. Although I’m sure he was disappointed, he told me not to worry and that he had some extra help from other housemates. Still, I felt terrible that something like that slipped my mind. It was careless. So today, I bought some groceries and made RJ delicious stuffed green peppers. It was a good time to catch up with RJ while we cooked together. It was a good way to end a long, relaxing afternoon at the house.


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