Chicago communes

 I’ve researched seven communities that each live together and share a diverse slew of ideals. Whether it’s 500 Evangelicals Christians or posse of zealous cyclists, I hope to capture what life is like–and what living in community means to them.

Jesus People: A Christian community that operates both as an intentional Christian community and as a worshipping church. They began as an independent ministry in 1972, and in 1989 joined the Chicago-based Evangelical Covenant Church. About 500 people live together at a single address on Chicago’s North Side. 




Critical Mass of bikers (August 2008)

Crticical Mass (August 2008)

HUB Cooperative: 8 people, 5 cats, 3 worm bins and more than 50 bikes in a 5 unit apartment building in Little Village.

Acme Artists Community: Acme Artists is a limited equity development providing home ownership to artists and their families. Acme is the first work/live artists community in Chicago designed, managed and owned by its members located in Humboldt Park.

Keystone Ecological Urban Center: An intentional community of ethnic, racial, gender, age, sexual orientation, and economic diversity seeking to use fewer resources through reducing ecological footprints.

St. Francis Catholic Worker: They describe themselves as “a bunch of organic-goat-cheese-eating, bicycle-riding, recycling, composting, anarchal pacifists sharing our home with people who have lost theirs.” They align themselves with various struggles for social justice on a local, national, and global level. Their neighborhood, Uptown, is ethnically, economically, and psychologically diverse.




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